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April 17, 2007

Are you ready for an Enterprise 2.0 RAVE?

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Posted by Francois Gossieaux

[Update: the Enterprise 2.0 Rave is now a virtual event - for info on the updated program check out the Rave's website.]


We are producing an Enterprise 2.0 RAVE at the Hudson Hotel in NYC on May 21-22, 2007 for Longworth Venture Partners - the organizers of the event.

If you are a practitioner looking at deploying web 2.0 tools within your enterprise or actively working on Enterprise 2.0 pilot projects, you should not miss this 24 hour brainstorming session specifically designed for practitioners like yourself.

Some of the leading thinkers in the space will be moderating and facilitating rich discussions - including HBS prof. Andrew McAfee, Euan Semple, Jenny Ambrosek, Jerry Bowles, Bill Ives, Kathleen Gilroy, Jevon McDonald, Joe McKendrick, Jim McGee, John Musser, Susan Scrupski, and Jason Wood.

If you plan to attend you will get a $250 discount if you use the discount code "bloggers" (without quotes) when registering as a Friend of Corante.

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July 30, 2005

Excited to be on board

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Posted by Francois Gossieaux

Sorry for the delay in introducing myself and in giving you some of the reasons for why I am really excited about joining the Corante team.

If you've read my bio, you might wonder what a product guy wants to do at a publishing company. I've already mentioned the reasons for why I am excited in this opportunity on my personal blog, but I thought it would be good to list them here as well - just for the record.

There are three main reasons.

For starters, Corante is not your typical publishing company. Instead of hiring writers and publishing content, we connect readers with experts. And in this day and age of scarce reader attention span and information overload, that is exactly what people are looking for.

Second, Corante is in the midst of the web 2.0 wave. And while some of the things we are working on are not yet visible, this opportunity is one where product and technology will play a prominent role.

Lastly, and especially as a marketer, I am excited about being at the other end of the advertising table. After being on the buying side of advertising for many years, I think that we can do much better - and I am looking forward to testing different ways to help marketers reach their goals. If you have some suggestions - feel free to email me at francois AT corante DOT com.

From now on, you can expect to periodically see me on this blog to bring you up to date on company news, direction, progress, or to participate in conversations that are relevant to our company.

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November 9, 2004

Operating Manual for Social Tools (OMST)

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Posted by Hylton Jolliffe

Another innovative new approach to custom publishing that's just launched, through which Corante will be producing a sponsored blog around a key pillar of the marketing strategy for a company called Zero Degrees.

The blog, led by our very own Stowe Boyd and published for a specific period of time, has three leading thinkers in social software - Stowe, danah boyd, and David Weinberger - discussing issues surrounding the use and utility of technologies such as social networking applications and other collaboration / communication / community tools that are increasingly social in nature.

This is not fluff but rather a meaty and critical look at the world we're all playing in and a bold and forward-looking new approach to marketing that's being pioneered by Zero Degrees. (Looked at another way, this project could be seen as the direct online descendant of early print publishing ventures, where lengthy treatises were produced in serialised form).

We think such campaigns are going to be increasingly more impactful and effective marketing vehicles for companies looking to differentiate themselves and build respected brands, and we're thrilled Zero Degrees is willing to take the leap with us.

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November 5, 2004

Corante partners with CNET

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Posted by Hylton Jolliffe

In what a first-of-its-kind partnership between a blog media company and a major media company, we're thrilled to announce the unveiling of a collaboration between Corante and CNET.

The relationship has Corante producing and managing subject-specific blogs for the expanding blog section of ZDNet, home to CNET's enterprise-focused news coverage.

...continue reading.

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November 3, 2004

Redesign Rollout

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Posted by Hylton Jolliffe

As you've likely noticed we've been rolling out our new redesign and features across Corante in recent weeks.

The new interface is, we think, much cleaner and more legible as well as provides our readers with a lot of new tools to keep on top of what our contributors have to say as well as to add to and expand the conversation. Among the new features to look for: category RSS feeds, new comment and trackback features, more accessible archives and more.

The redesign, example of which here: or here:, aims to:

  • provide a much attractive and more legible interface
  • provide consistent navigation throughout site
  • leverage a lot more of the MT-based features and tools that we hope will make for a better reading and tracking experience
    new features include:

    • category-specific xml feeds
    • xml feeds of comments
    • different cuts at archive pages, e.g.: example or
    • new sidebar "modules" we're developing that call attention to past posts/most commented on articles in an attempt to give longer shelf life to articles/comment streams
    • font-size chooser (almost there)
    • better search options

  • provide real estate for us to be able to cross-promote Corante-hosted blogs and offerings

(Also, as Marc and others will be glad to hear, we've ironed out the issue that kept people from easily copying/pasting clips from some of our blogs.)

Our hope: it does a much better job of showcasing the writing/thinking of our contributors and provides more tools that allow readers to tune in and track our blogs. We've been getting very positive feedback from contributors and readers alike and are taking requests for additional features people would like to see.

Thoughts and feedback please, both general and specific.

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Corante announces the launch of True Voice

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Posted by Stowe Boyd

As this press release explains, we're launching a multi-city seminar series called "True Voice: The Business of Blogging." The series, to be sponsored by Silkroad technology and designed and produced by me (Stowe), Greg Narain and Suw Charman, will have us running a comprehensive one-day event that will examine the business, political and societal implications of social media and the impact of this burgeoning communication medium on the future media and business landscape.

So some big picture stuff, but also very much an exercise in discussing and imparting lots of practical and pragmatic advice on the nuts and bolts of blogging with a program that will include interviews, case studies and a whole lot of interactivity and ongoing dialogue.

More at the press release as well as stay tuned for a related blog that'll go live in the next month or two

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